Helping the injured, suffering, and their families.

We Fight to Hold

Wrongdoers Accountable

We represent New Mexico’s most vulnerable by fighting back against their injuries and injustices.

We hold wrongdoers accountable for the harm they caused by enforcing the laws and safety rules they violated.

Redefining What it

Means to Care

The Thompson Law


Bruce’s father, James Thompson, was a well-known health physicist and expert in occupational safety. His career was devoted to ensuring compliance with safety regulations and keeping the workplace safe. Bruce grew up watching his father’s devotion to keeping people safe and careful attention to the rules. He may not have realized it as a child, but the constant theme in his family was you do what is right, you fight for what is right, and you care more about others than yourself.

Bruce Thompson is an excellent personal injury lawyer because he embodies what many lawyers have forgotten. You not only need to have knowledge and expertise in the law – you need to be a good person and you need to care. There is a reason why top lawyers in other fields refer their clients to him when they are injured. They know who the judges respect and who gets the job done.

Our Areas of Practice

A full-service personal injury law firm


We Hold Hospitals Accountable for Putting Profits Before Patients.

Road and Highway Accidents

All Drivers Must Follow the Rules of the Road.


Safety Rules Must Be Enforced in the Workplace.


We hold trucking companies accountable for lax safety.


Safety Rules Must Be Enforced in Buildings, Stores, and Walkways.

Meet Bruce Thompson


Bruce is no stranger to adversity; He has earned his reputation through actions, not words. He is the type of lawyer the judges respect as a member of the bar who has few enemies and many allies.


Bruce’s reputation is built upon years of hard work that speaks much louder than words. He doesn’t just win tough cases, he wins the respect of the legal community. He is a quiet warrior, who does the work required to win while never compromising his integrity or losing sight of what is most important–the client.


Other lawyers witnessed his competence and character in the courtroom, and he became a natural choice to refer their clients to. When you meet Bruce you feel his warm energy, his strong handshake, and his steely determination that tells you he is on your side, that you are now protected, that you will be taken care of.